...Oil Can...

"be gentle with those magical feet of yours...may ur wings flap briskly to lift the weight off your tired sore foot as u dance your graceful spunky kind loving free-people wearing + free-spirited ASS off!"
A new, yet very dear friend said that to me in an email yesterday. I love it so much. I'm saving that email forever. I must be doing something right to have friends like her in my life.
I'm incredibly sore, & it's only day two. My mind & my body are both simply exhausted right now. Two more days. 12 hours of rehearsal until our first day off of the season. Trying not to think too much about it. Keltie & I were talking earlier about choosing to enjoy our time in rehearsal, instead of staring at the clock, waiting for 5:00. (Like Keltie said, "Where would we be if we weren't in rehearsal? Sitting @ home on Facebook?") She's right. It's easy to start wishing for time to pass more quickly when our feet start to ache & we've done the same 32 counts of choreography 4 times in a row, but really how much time do we have? & why the hell are we wishing we were sitting on the couch instead of doing the one thing we love to do more than anything? Crazy. Personally I have a terrible habit of being so consumed with the future that I'm not able to fully appreciate the things happening around me. I'm learning it's pretty important to live in the moment, (even the '8 of the "5,6,7,8" 4 hours deep into a rehearsal, when your sure your leg is going to fall off if you have to kick it one more time...) You may not be able to find any good in it just then, but those are the memories we're going to love forever.
Alright, I have 7 hours to sleep & rejuvenate before I get to do it all over again tomorrow!


  1. What a sweet sweet email!
    But yes, I absolutely agree about the rehearsal thing...tomorrow, I have a call for my show at 7:30am, and I'm so ready + excited for it. Then I have my show, and then I have rehearsal until 7pm that night. A lot of other girls are complaining about the long day, but this is my first ever real long day. Isn't that what being a dancer is all about? Dancing? Duh. But this is going to be a wonderful experience for me, and I can't wait.
    I don't know if it's just me, but rehearsal goes by so quickly for me! I get there, and next thing I know, there's only one hour left + so much more to work on! Eep!

    Have fun!

  2. loved this shushu. You are such a brilliant writer. Now get off fb and come to the living room to rehearse with me! I am confuzzled.

  3. I love that you have all of this enlightening, beautiful writing from you and other people in this, and then, at the bitter end, a quote from the most critical, morbidly depressed, hopeless man to ever pick up a pen. Good one, Nietzsche. He and you make one hell of a pair.


  4. You caught me...Ladies & gentleman: may I introduce my younger, smarter & foxy little sister & best friend, Shelli. I also enjoyed the irony of putting a Nietzsche quote up there. Thanks for noticing ;) I figured, taken way out of context the way it is here, (to be honest, I looked to see exactly when he wrote it, but I couldn't find anything...maybe his second book) it fit right in. I mean, hey? Maybe even Nietzsche couldn't resist dancing to the music in his head? ;)