I celebrate Christmas 28.8% of the year.

So. For the next 104 days I will be living in 33 different hotels, on a Greyhound bus, in 33 different cities, wishing a Merry Little Christmas to tens of thousands while trying to find time to do my own Christmas shopping, & my laundry. Eating at truck stops, rev-beving, forgetting my room number, taping my feet, toeing the dot/dash on 11, changing from a toy solider into a sassy high kicking Rockette in 45 seconds, ice bathing, french twisting, losing my hotel key, losing my focus on the follow-up, remembering my cheeks for ragdolls, meeting, greeting, smiling, singing, trying to find 5 minutes to relax with a cup of tea & maybe call my mom. And it's all just another day at the office.
So much happens on a daily basis that I want to share with so many people. This seemed like the best way to do so, without having to email, text & facebook the same stories every day. If you want to take a peek inside what goes on in & directly outside my head on a daily basis, this is the place to be. I promise it's never boring.
Today was our first day back, well our REAL first day. Yesterday was orientation, eight hours of sitting & listening. Not exactly one of my strengths. Anyways, today. Rehearsal started at 10:00am sharp as it always does, & by 10:30am we had all done the NYAC (New York @ Christmas) kickline 5 or 6 times. Welcome back. That was the pace we continued at for the next 5.5 hours of the rehearsal day. Our three new girls are kicking ass. (I STILL remember what it's like being new & having all of that information thrown at me so quickly...they're doing WAY better than I did) In fact, A-Team 2.0 looks like a killer line from day 1. In fact we did so well that Julie (our director) turned us over to Mr. Gordon Twist (our musical director) for the last hour twenty of rehearsal. Nobody...and I mean NOBODY rehearses vocals like Gordy, he's the most animated person I have ever met. If there are words to describe him, they're far beyond my modest vocabulary. First day of rehearsal also means first day of ice bathing. 45 degrees for 10-15 minutes waist deep, screaming & laughing in "this is the best thing for my aching legs right now" agony. We all do it...(well 99% of us do & I guarantee we feel better tomorrow morning than that 1%) & we bond. Over blisters, iPhone apps, LuLuLemon & aching brains & feet. This is my life...& I love it.


  1. wow that sounds like a very crazy, and wild time. but at the same time very exciting and awesome :) good luck with everything on the tour! very happy to be going to see the Rockettes this year!


  2. sounds absolutely insane! and i totally get the ice bath thing... i play water polo at asu and it is amazing what a good 15 minutes in the ice bath can do!

    best wishes and best of luck!!!

  3. Ah!! I love this blog!!
    Now I get to read about 2 amazing + gorgeous Rockettes this season (;
    Being a Rockette seems like so much fun; I just wish I was tall enough...
    I'm glad to hear rehearsal went great, and I can't wait to hear more!

    Also, I took a good number of ice baths this summer. 5 weeks of dancing; 6 days a week; 7 hours a day. ICE BATH PLEASE! lol

    Kisses to those aching + taped feet of yours!

  4. yay!! I'm so pleased all of you beautiful people are reading my blog! (& appreciate the benefits of a nice cold ice bath) It's a little bit intimidating putting your thoughts out there for whomever to read, right? With the positive feedback maybe I'll let you all in on the inner workings of my crazy, crazy mind! ;) Please keep reading, dancing, doing what you do & keep in touch! I gotta go rehearse with Keltie!! ox