Chamomile, thunderstorms & stuffed dragons.

Today was a big day. It's incredible how much information, detailed information, you can stuff into your head in six hours. We've now officially finished learning an entire piece in the show, and it's a doozy. I'm icing my poor feet right now. Like I said, today was a big day.
Something remarkable about this job: You can be a Rockette for two years, or you can do the show for 10, but you will never, ever, have the exact same cast. Every year, each particular line has a new & unique dynamic that's never been seen before & will never be replicated again. It's a powerful thing. We walk into orientation as 23 individuals from different walks of life, time zones & backgrounds, expected in the next couple months to learn to dance as one. To meld together as a line so that we're no longer 18 individuals dancing on the stage...but one beautiful, precise, well-oiled Christmas machine. (Kind of like Transformers only with better reviews) Of course, each season it takes a different amount of time to achieve that solidarity. I can already see it happening this year, & it's only day 3!! It's exciting to feel the energy of the girls around me as we're all learning to work together, creating our own inimitable dynamic. Outside of the rehearsal hall we're still the strong, beautiful individuals we got off the plane as, but once we strap on those LaDucas we're becoming a part of something much bigger, wrapped in tradition, legacy & glitter. How's that for Christmas magic?


  1. WTF? You have beautiful + amazing turn out!! Not fair! Aaaaanddd, cute toenail polish. (:

    I still find it such an amazing + incredible thing what you girls do. I know it's not easy. from a dancer to another dancer. I know it's not easy to deal with other girls coming into the company. And then you see other girls leave just as easily. But it's so great to bond over something so simple. Like being a girl's understudy. or being the same cast. Or just loving the choreography. We bond like that. Such a beautiful thing to have and share.


  2. I'm really enjoying your entries, so far. The Transformers dig made me laugh.

    Have fun rehearsing!