Guess what I found?!

So I just found this on YouTube!! This is the very first "senior line" I ever danced in @ Juliana's Academy of Dance. (Yes, the same Juliana's Academy of Dance that Evan Kasprzak from last season of SYTYCD came from also :) I was 12 or 13. I can't tell you exactly where I am the entire number, but I remember I was center front in the fouette section, I did the partnering stage right & then danced stage right opposite a girl who hated my guts while another girl did a turning section @ center. Random, I know...keep in mind this is from 1998. I'm not going to lie...it definitely made me giggle.

Also, I can't stop listening to Church Clothes by Matt Nathanson. (Thanks Keltie)

I've spent more than my share on temptation
trying to cool my swollen tongue
Gorged myself on all that free good will
and left the others none
What I wear like church clothes,
you wear just like jewelry
All the simple things you revel in,
they just suffocate me
And I don't know anymore,
wish someone would tell me who to be
Because I'm ready, I'm ready to try anything
I'm dazzled by glamour and camera angles,
the drama and swagger of fools
sacrificed beauty once to chase after their parade
and spent my morning after
crawling back to you
I want to be brand new, I want to trade in these wings
Mine don't work like yours do

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  1. Ha, that's so amazing! Crazy what you can find on youtube!
    My studio doesn't do competition, but I think that if we did we'd be fierce. Just like that. ;)