Bright as a diamond

Nine out of ten dentists agree: When you have one day off a week, it goes by two times faster than the other six. (If you ever find yourself in need of a vote on something extremely important; ask 10 dentists. They know their stuff) It was a pretty perfect day off. Pancake brunch with some of the other girls, then Keltie & my key didn't work so we were locked out of our condo for about 45 minutes, until a man in a big bus brought us a new key! Lounged for a few hours & went for another walk on the beach, which included another impromptu photoshoot in the tide. :) That was pretty much it, the rest of the day was spent on the Internet, watching television & talking to friends & family on the phone. (oh & eating virtually everything I had left in the refrigerator ;) I always feel guilty when I sit around all day on my day off, but at the same time, my body really, really needs the rest.
So, today we learned one of my top eight favorite numbers in the show. (We do eight numbers in the show. I'm a dork, I know. I realized at about age four that I would never be able to pick a favorite anything. Color, number, season, movie, food, band, song, nothing. I'm just too indecisive. I have about 50 top 10 favorite songs.) Anyways, the number is Shine. It's the last dancing number in the show & honestly one of my favorite numbers to dance. (Top two....three.) It's a relatively new number to the Christmas Spectacular, introduced only two years ago on the 75th anniversary of the Christmas Spectacular itself. Quick Radio City history lesson: The Rockettes got their start as the "Missouri Rockets" in 1925 in St. Louis. It wasn't until 1932 (opening night was December 27th!!!) that they were brought to Radio City Music Hall. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, starring the Rockettes, was introduced in 1933. The show that you see today still features dance numbers that have been in the show, for example, The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, since 1933. There will be a quiz on how much of this you retained, immediately following this blog entry. I hope you have your No. 2 pencils sharpened...
Where the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers so perfectly exhibits the amount of precision, archaic style, wholesomeness & tradition that the legacy of the Radio City Rockettes carries; Shine is almost it's polar opposite. It's contemporary & sassy & new, but at the same time, just as glamorous as ever. How can you not get butterflies in a costume made out of thousands upon thousands of Swarovski crystals?! I love my job. I'm so lucky.
For a Monday, today was a wonderful day. Six hours of pique arabesque-ing three numbers instage & half a depth upstage, beveling, shining out instage, kicking on four with a combres back 5 & 6...you get the idea. (Or maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about...Rox lingo) But it was truly a delicious day, I did my very best to dance to my full potential in every count, stay present in the moment, & be positive, all while continually reminding myself that I am a talented, beautiful dancer. In an attempt to become better dancers we are constantly criticizing ourselves, our bodies, our technique, our turn out, our smiles, ect. ect. ect. on & on & on...No one knows their bodies better than someone who's logged countless hours staring at it in pink tights and a leotard. (Nightmarish) How many times has a teacher told you, "Never settle, There is ALWAYS someone better than you." Although it's good to never be complacent, & always want to be better...It's difficult to keep that from being a permanent mindset. There is a big difference between being honest & pushing yourself, & being self deprecating.
I was talking to someone very near & dear to my heart last night, & they were the one who suggested I keep that perspective all day. (I'm so lucky to have a handful of really inspiring, marvelous people in my life) It wasn't nearly as easy as it sounds, but I did it, & guess what? I had an incredible day!!!!!!!!!!! I danced better, I was happy to be where I was & people noticed. When I was complimented, I simply said thank you, instead of telling them why they were wrong. I'm sure I was much more pleasant to be around. Maybe this is a simple concept that somehow has evaded me for the past years? I don't know but I think this is something I am going to really work on every moment of every day. I can still push myself to be a better dancer while recognizing (not only as a dancer but in general) the things that make me quirky, beautiful, silly...all the things I like about myself. Thank you sosososoooo much, you know who you are ;)


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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day off, and I would love to just walk on the beach everyday. And I know what you mean about sitting around on days off. Christmas break is the worst for me. I get tubby from all the yummy cookies + hot cider...but you're still kick kick kicking!
    I'm really starting to realize that I'm a good dancer. I have attributes that other girls are working hard on. I think my strength is stage presence. I have the ability to bring light to the whole stage, and other people still have trouble smiling. But I help them out. And I'm also realizing that technique isn't everything. I love having good days in class. I get so happy, and the fact that you get excited from getting triple pirouettes + great jumps, just makes your whole class great. And there's no shame in being proud of yourself. It really makes me smile, and I'm so glad that you had a great class + day. (:


    PS. I love reading your + Keltie's blogs together. It's like double the Rockette-ness + radness <3