Unexpected hiatus. Sorry.

I'm a little late, but 2010 sort of snuck up on me. I have high hopes for this year..2007, 2008, I was treading water...I wasn't going anywhere at all. 2009...was kind of a transitional year...I was finally starting to get my head on straight. 2010: it's time to take to the sky.

TwentyTen (The 10)...I want a year of bright colors & loud music. Life at full capacity. Things I love. Things that scare me. No apologies & no dumbing myself down. Mistakes welcome. I'm ready for anything & I refuse to waste another second.

I have officially been home from tour for the longest week & a half of my life...The entire thing seems like a really crazy dream. I miss my friends, I miss the cave, I miss the guarantee of dancing every day, I miss room service, I miss starting every morning with a trip to catering for a cup of tea & ending every night with a standing ovation. These are the places where I am happiest & most myself. Beginning February first I will be joining the 10,000,000 people already living in NYC, to live again as a deliciously bohemian, free spirited, starving artist. I can't imagine a better way to be, hopefully maybe not so starving though. I'm hoping that within this time I will be able to create a life that is comparatively as beautiful as being on stage. A new place where I am more than happy to be myself...Wish me luck...

I'm in Chicago right now for my last 2 days as a 25 year old.
(I turn 26 on the 19th....yikes.)

Quality sister time: shopping too much, eating too much & laughing too much over
cocktails...I'm having the best time. I better enjoy this now, because when I get home, I have exactly ten days to yet again, pack my entire life into brown cardboard boxes & ship it to the Big Apple...So many things to do between packing, shipping, getting there, buying furniture. Frenzied....don't worry though...the only thing I've accomplished thus far is finding bedding at Anthropologie. Expensive bedding....Priorities people. There may already be 10,000,000 people living in New York City, but just one me...ready?

Like I said...2010 is going to be a good year. I can feel it my heart of hearts. As for now, I have a windy city to conquer with my sister...Later!


  1. Glad to hear from you again!! I've missed your updates!!
    Have a safe trip back to NY!!


  2. Happy Birthday!
    Living in New York is a safe-bet on making 2010 awesome! SO jealous - have the time of your life!