Happy Me Day!

to me.

to me.

dear me.

to me.

(what? is that wierd? No one else sang...I'll sing to myself)

Thank you mom & dad for screwing up & accidentally having me. Thank you Shelli, Sam, Ali, Keltie, Katie, Ann, & SJ for being my go-to girls from anything from boy advice to shopping opinions & putting up with me in general. Thank you Bob Dylan, Sylvie Guillem, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Plant, Desmond Richardson, Janis Joplin(happy birthday where ever you are), Milan Kundera, George Balanchine, Freddie Mercury & Audrey Hepburn for filling my eyes, ears & brain with inspiration.

Thank you Excedrin for making the aspirin that will hopefully clear up the little headache I am experiencing due to the six glasses of champagne I may or may not have had last night. Toasting yourself on your birthday is one thing, but six times may be five too many...

It's my day so you have to listen to me because I said so...

here is my 2 birthday cents:

Good bedding shouldn't be so expensive...neither should love...99.9% of famous people are talentless and heartless...that's why reality television is so God-awful...reality television should be banished from the planet, except any & all appearing on Food Network...People lie too much, because they're scared. What they fail to realize is that the people they're lying to are just as scared...Neon leggings shouldn't happen...Passion Pit sounds like what I imagine Care Bears would sound like if they started an indie band...The world would be a better place if people drank less Red Bull and more tea...Rap music makes absolutely no sense to me, neither do politics, organized religion, Ed Hardy, William S. Burroughs, pink velour or romantic comedies...I know so many people put too much effort into being someone else in public, when who they are behind closed doors is so much more beautiful...LuluLemon isn't that great, it's hyper expensive & snobby...Britney Spears' children are going to grow up to be serial killers...People spend way too much money on weddings & not nearly enough on their well being & health...A Marc Jacobs purse can change everything...More people should fight the good fight, dig their heels into the ground & refuse to be anything other than nice...& honest...Facebook needs a dislike button, Myspace is so 2002, & twitter is useless...Rock & Roll saves lives...Men should have no say in abortion matters, just like straight people should have no say in gay marriage...Orange nail polish will make you feel 10 times better, it's like you can actually see the sunshine radiating from your fingertips...If you don't turn of the television & read every day your imagination will surely die. The loss of imagination is a tragedy & it's happening all around us...People rarely stand for what the believe in, I don't judge people for having a different opinion than my own. Do you?...World: Stop & take a moment to learn the difference between there, their, & they're, it makes a difference. I promise...Love more. Hate less. Hate is easy, love takes courage...

Here's to another year...


  1. I hope you had a delightful birthday, Nicole!!
    And I love what you have to say about everything.

    "People lie too much, because they're scared. What they fail to realize is that the people they're lying to are just as scared..."

    I'm just wondering how different the world would be if people would just stop lying!!!! I still haven't decided if it would be a lot more beautiful with trust and honesty or ugly because most of the time the truth hurts :/

    PS. I wished you a happy bday on Twitter, but I guess that was useless too, haha.

  2. happy belated birthday!!! and your are completely right about facebook needing a dislike button...