Sixty seven degrees. Sunshine. Birds. Kids playing outside.

And so far it looks like this is as close as I'm going to get to any of it. (yes that absolutely is my window) Unfortunately it seems that my immune system was not aware of my busy weekend plans & has decided to quit on me. Instead of a BBQ & a night out on the town, I'm thinking it's Dayquil & tea in bed. Hopefully I can kick this before tomorrow because I have an 'Easter Feaster' to attend, & even more importantly I'm going to see one of my very best, most beautiful friends/big sister I never had, perform with a friend's company. So throat: If you wouldn't mind, pleeease return to normal size & quit aching when I swallow, & head please stop being so congested. As nice as spending the entire weekend in bed reading & writing sounds, I'd actually much rather be out & about enjoying spring in NYC.
Please & Thank You.

My little sis being serenaded by one of the band members @ Cafe Wha.
Legendary spot. Amazing night.

My father, lovingly referred to as 'Dad Seger' showing my sis his latest project: The Packard. He's a mechanical genius. He loves cars. & cowboy boots.

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  1. Nicole!! I have surely missed your blog posts, and it's so great to hear from you again :)

    And let me say, I'm in love with your quaint, precious window sill. The books complete it for me. Book worms forever!

    I hope you feel better soon, lovely!!